Human immunodeficiency virus-associated lymphomas Journal Article

Author: Straus, D. J.
Article Title: Human immunodeficiency virus-associated lymphomas
Abstract: Lymphomas associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) will probably become an increasing problem with improved survivals of infected individuals in an immunosuppressed state because of the advances in antiretroviral treatment and the therapy of opportunistic infections. In an attempt to aid the understanding of the many aspects of the this growing problem, the current thinking about the epidemiology, pathology, biological and clinical features, and treatment of the systemic HIV-associated non- Hodgkin lymphomas is reviewed. The important features of the HIV-associated central nervous system lymphomas are also described. Finally, there is a discussion of Hodgkin's disease in HIV-infected individuals.
Keywords: controlled study; prednisone; clinical feature; clinical trial; pathogenesis; review; doxorubicin; cancer combination chemotherapy; united states; cancer radiotherapy; cytarabine; methotrexate; cancer staging; human immunodeficiency virus infection; neurotoxicity; disease association; interleukin 2; unindexed drug; controlled clinical trial; phase 2 clinical trial; etoposide; blood toxicity; randomized controlled trial; incidence; cyclophosphamide; dexamethasone; tumor biopsy; ifosfamide; lomustine; procarbazine; vinblastine; hodgkin disease; monoclonal antibody; prednisolone; vincristine sulfate; nonhodgkin lymphoma; lymphoma, non-hodgkin; laboratory test; multicenter study; folinic acid; asparaginase; bleomycin; epirubicin; vindesine; phase 3 clinical trial; antiretrovirus agent; phase 1 clinical trial; bone marrow transplantation; lymphoma, aids-related; recombinant granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor; intravenous drug administration; mitoguazone; oral drug administration; zidovudine; brain lymphoma; interleukin 6 antibody; immunotoxin; didanosine; ricin antibody; subcutaneous drug administration; humans; human; priority journal; zalcitabine; intrathecal drug administration
Journal Title: Medical Clinics of North America
Volume: 81
Issue: 2
ISSN: 0025-7125
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.  
Date Published: 1997-03-01
Start Page: 495
End Page: 510
Language: English
DOI: 10.1016/s0025-7125(05)70528-9
PUBMED: 9093239
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Review -- Export Date: 17 March 2017 -- Source: Scopus
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