Imaging of the neonate: Term infant 368 Book Section

Author: Behr, G. G.
Editors: Milla, S. S.; Lala, S.
Article/Chapter Title: Imaging of the neonate: Term infant 368
Abstract: This chapter introduces a practical approach to imaging of the full-term newborn. It emphasizes principals of image acquisition, common interpretive pitfalls, and disease entities of the thorax and abdomen that are unique to this patient population. Congenital and acquired entities that may be encountered by the practicing radiologist responsible for interpretation of full-term neonates are described in the context of a pattern-based approach. The goal is to enable the reader to make connections between overlapping radiographic patterns of differing entities, thereby assisting the radiologist in generating a working differential diagnosis. Several specific disease entities with more characteristic appearances are described toward the end of each section. The chapter is divided into thoracic and abdominal sections. There is an emphasis on acute entities. As such, syndromic entities are described elsewhere in this book (Section 4). © 2021 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Keywords: abdomen; thymus; technique; chest; congenital; atresia; full-term; newborn obstruction
Book Title: Problem Solving in Pediatric Imaging
ISBN: 9781437726121
Publisher: Elsevier Inc.  
Publication Place: Philadelphia, PA
Date Published: 2023-01-01
Start Page: 368
End Page: 395
Language: English
DOI: 10.1016/b978-1-4377-2612-1.00019-3
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Book Chapter: 19, part of "Section 5 - General" -- Export Date: 1 November 2022 -- Source: Scopus
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