Diagnosis and initiation of cancer treatment Book Section

Author: Hartman, K. K.
Editors: Christ, G.; Messner, C.; Behar, L.
Article/Chapter Title: Diagnosis and initiation of cancer treatment
Abstract: (from the chapter) "You have cancer." The power of this statement to shock and devastate patients and families is well known. For patients, the physician's often brief announcement is followed by weeks or even months of heightened anxiety. Although there are other crisis points along the disease trajectory, the period immediately following diagnosis, up to and including initiation of treatment, often evokes acute stress reactions as patients struggle to comprehend the diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, and probable effect on their lives. Oncology social workers' knowledge and skills prepare them to appreciate the patient's intense anxiety and disorientation and then to validate and normalize these reactions. This chapter reviews the psychosocial issues that patients confront during this period and discusses specific ways the oncology social worker can help them make sense of their intense emotional reactions, comprehend complex medical information, make decisions, and solve problems. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).
Keywords: diagnosis; cancer treatment; decisions; psychosocial issues; oncology social work; emotional reactions; medical information comprehension; solve problems
Book Title: Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
ISBN: 978-0-19-994192-6
Publisher: Oxford University Press  
Publication Place: New York, NY
Date Published: 2015-01-01
Start Page: 43
End Page: 49
Language: English
ACCESSION: Book: 2015-09212-007
PROVIDER: Ovid Technologies
PROVIDER: psycinfo
Notes: Book Chapter 7 -- Christ, Grace [Ed ; Messner, Carolyn [Ed ; Behar, Lynn [Ed -- xxxi, 837 -- Source: PsycINFO
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