Support for immigrants, political refugees, and patients seeking asylum who have cancer Book Section

Authors: Amodio, A.; Basu Roy, U.
Editors: Christ, G.; Messner, C.; Behar, L.
Article/Chapter Title: Support for immigrants, political refugees, and patients seeking asylum who have cancer
Abstract: (from the chapter) This chapter describes the cancer experience in a unique minority population in the United States of America- immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers-often called aliens (despite the unsupportive connotation of the word) or noncitizens by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It explains the fundamental differences among these groups and highlights important concepts that social workers need to be mindful of when planning social work interventions and program development for these distinct groups. Oncology social workers must possess basic tenets of cultural competence and have knowledge of community resources serving various immigrant groups and vulnerable populations, such as refugees. There exists a critical role for social workers to assist immigrants and refugees navigating the health and mental health systems. An astute awareness of oncology-related health and support services and knowledge of sources of financial assistance are core components of the role. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).
Keywords: immigrants; cancer; oncology social work; political refugees; patients seeking asylum
Book Title: Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
ISBN: 978-0-19-994192-6
Publisher: Oxford University Press  
Publication Place: New York, NY
Date Published: 2015-01-01
Start Page: 269
End Page: 274
Language: English
ACCESSION: Book: 2015-09212-037
PROVIDER: Ovid Technologies
PROVIDER: psycinfo
Notes: Book Chapter: 37 -- Christ, Grace [Ed ; Messner, Carolyn [Ed ; Behar, Lynn [Ed -- xxxi, 837 -- Source: PsycINFO
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