Lesson in psycho-oncology Journal Article

Author: Holland, J. C.
Article Title: Lesson in psycho-oncology
Abstract: As a new subspecialty of oncology, psycho-oncology's emergent role reflects the growing interest and concern over the past 25 years, on the part of both oncologists and the general public, in the psychological, behavioral, and social factors related to cancer prevention and treatment. Today, total care of cancer patients must include concern for psychosocial well-being and management of distress must be fully integrated with the other aspects of the patient's treatment plan. Prevention efforts are rooted in the willingness and ability of individuals to change lifestyle and risk behaviors, and this has to be elucidated by research in psycho-oncology. Further, psycho-oncology advances theory and practice related to the effects of cancer on psychological function and provides expertise in the prevention of cancer. Thus, psycho-oncology has a unique role to play in cancer treatment and prevention.
Keywords: cancer survival; treatment outcome; patient satisfaction; review; cancer localization; cancer recurrence; interferon; side effect; treatment planning; cancer staging; antineoplastic agent; cancer palliative therapy; medical decision making; low drug dose; quality of life; breast cancer; nausea; vomiting; haloperidol; lorazepam; delirium; morbidity; cancer screening; lung cancer; withdrawal syndrome; steroid; practice guideline; drug effect; risk factor; cancer mortality; prostate cancer; health care policy; confusion; adaptive behavior; psychological aspect; depression; affect; antiinfective agent; narcotic analgesic agent; patient compliance; psycho-oncology; antidepressant agent; benzodiazepine derivative; neuroleptic agent; adjustment disorder; anxiety disorder; mental disease; psychosocial care; rating scale; genetic risk; social aspect; paraneoplastic syndrome; behavior therapy; alopecia; patient attitude; disease exacerbation; quality adjusted life year; psychotherapy; wellbeing; lifestyle; social behavior; clinical practice guidelines; serotonin uptake inhibitor; septicemia; psychosocial interventions; opiate derivative; cholinergic receptor blocking agent; cancer; human
Journal Title: Journal of B.U.ON.: Official Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology
Volume: 7
Issue: 3
ISSN: 1107-0625
Publisher: Zerbinis Medical Publications  
Date Published: 2002-07-01
Start Page: 187
End Page: 194
Language: English
PROVIDER: scopus
PUBMED: 19266677
Notes: Export Date: 14 November 2014 -- Source: Scopus
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