Survivorship: Nutrition and weight management, version 2.2014 Journal Article

Authors: Denlinger, C. S.; Ligibel, J. A.; Are, M.; Baker, K. S.; Demark-Wahnefried, W.; Dizon, D.; Friedman, D. L.; Goldman, M.; Jones, L.; King, A.; Ku, G. H.; Kvale, E.; Langbaum, T. S.; Leonardi-Warren, K.; McCabe, M. S.; Melisko, M.; Montoya, J. G.; Mooney, K.; Morgan, M. A.; Moslehi, J. J.; O'Connor, T.; Overholser, L.; Paskett, E. D.; Peppercorn, J.; Raza, M.; Rodriguez, M. A.; Syrjala, K. L.; Urba, S. G.; Wakabayashi, M. T.; Zee, P.; McMillian, N. R.; Freedman-Cass, D. A.
Article Title: Survivorship: Nutrition and weight management, version 2.2014
Abstract: Healthy lifestyle habits have been associated with improved health outcomes and quality of life and, for some cancers, a reduced risk of recurrence and death. The NCCN Guidelines for Survivorship therefore recommend that cancer survivors be encouraged to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, including attention to weight management, physical activity, and dietary habits. This section of the NCCN Guidelines focuses on recommendations regarding nutrition, weight management, and supplement use in survivors. Weight management recommendations are based on the survivor's body mass index and include discussions of nutritional, weight management, and physical activity principles, with referral to community resources, dietitians, and/or weight management programs as needed.
Keywords: review; clinical practice; feeding behavior; practice guideline; oncology; survivor; cancer survivor; health program; body mass; community; physical activity; dietary intake; patient referral; nutrition; weight gain; weight control; human; dietitian
Journal Title: Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Volume: 12
Issue: 10
ISSN: 1540-1405
Publisher: Harborside Press  
Date Published: 2014-10-01
Start Page: 1396
End Page: 1406
Language: English
PROVIDER: scopus
PUBMED: 25313179
PMCID: PMC4465236
Notes: Export Date: 1 December 2014 -- Source: Scopus