Survivorship: Healthy lifestyles, version 2.2014 Journal Article

Authors: Denlinger, C. S.; Ligibel, J. A.; Are, M.; Scott Baker, K.; Demark-Wahnefried, W.; Dizon, D.; Friedman, D. L.; Goldman, M.; Jones, L.; King, A.; Ku, G. H.; Kvale, E.; Langbaum, T. S.; Leonardi-Warren, K.; McCabe, M. S.; Melisko, M.; Montoya, J. G.; Mooney, K.; Morgan, M. A.; Moslehi, J. J.; O'Connor, T.; Overholser, L.; Paskett, E. D.; Peppercorn, J.; Raza, M.; Rodriguez, M. A.; Syrjala, K. L.; Urba, S. G.; Wakabayashi, M. T.; Zee, P.; McMillian, N. R.; Freedman-Cass, D. A.
Article Title: Survivorship: Healthy lifestyles, version 2.2014
Abstract: Healthy lifestyle habits have been associated with improved health outcomes and quality of life and, for some cancers, a reduced risk of recurrence and death. The NCCN Guidelines for Survivorship therefore recommend that cancer survivors be encouraged to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with attention to weight management, physical activity, and dietary habits. This section of the NCCN Guidelines focuses on recommendations regarding physical activity in survivors, including assessment for the risk of exercise-induced adverse events, exercise prescriptions, guidance for resistance training, and considerations for specific populations (eg, survivors with lymphedema, ostomies, peripheral neuropathy). In addition, strategies to encourage health behavioral change in survivors are discussed.
Journal Title: Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Volume: 12
Issue: 9
ISSN: 1540-1405
Publisher: Harborside Press  
Date Published: 2014-09-01
Start Page: 1222
End Page: 1237
Language: English
PROVIDER: scopus
PUBMED: 25190692
PMCID: PMC4465248
Notes: Export Date: 3 November 2014 -- Source: Scopus