Core needle lung biopsy specimens: Adequacy for EGFR and KRAS mutational analysis Journal Article

Authors: Solomon, S. B.; Zakowski, M. F.; Pao, W.; Thornton, R. H.; Ladanyi, M.; Kris, M. G.; Rusch, V. W.; Rizvi, N. A.
Article Title: Core needle lung biopsy specimens: Adequacy for EGFR and KRAS mutational analysis
Abstract: OBJECTIVE. The purpose of this study was to prospectively compare the adequacy of core needle biopsy specimens with the adequacy of specimens from resected tissue, the histologic reference standard, for mutational analysis of malignant tumors of the lung. SUBJECTS AND METHODS. The first 18 patients enrolled in a phase 2 study of gefitinib for lung cancer in July 2004 through August 2005 underwent CT- or fluoroscopy-guided lung biopsy before the start of gefitinib therapy. Three weeks after gefitinib therapy, the patients underwent lung tumor resection. The results of EGFR and KRAS mutational analysis of the core needle biopsy specimens were compared with those of EGFR and KRAS mutational analysis of the surgical specimens. RESULTS. Two specimens were unsatisfactory for mutational analysis. The results of mutational assay results of the other 16 specimens were the same as those of analysis of the surgical specimens obtained an average of 31 days after biopsy. CONCLUSION. Biopsy with small (18- to 20-gauge) core needles can yield sufficient and reliable samples for mutational analysis. This technique is likely to become an important tool with the increasing use of pharmacotherapy based on the genetics of specific tumors in individual patients. © American Roentgen Ray Society.
Keywords: adult; clinical article; controlled study; human tissue; aged; middle aged; cancer surgery; gene mutation; proto-oncogene proteins; histopathology; antineoplastic agents; cancer patient; comparative study; chemotherapy; outcome assessment; prospective study; prospective studies; adenocarcinoma; computer assisted tomography; lung resection; lung neoplasms; epidermal growth factor receptor; lung cancer; tomography, x-ray computed; receptor, epidermal growth factor; mutational analysis; cancer therapy; biopsy; tissue section; standard; lung adenocarcinoma; pneumothorax; biopsy, needle; needle biopsy; molecular typing; gefitinib; radiography, interventional; lung alveolus cell carcinoma; targeted therapy; dna mutational analysis; ras proteins; lung squamous cell carcinoma; clinical trials, phase ii as topic; k ras protein; quinazolines; lung biopsy; personalized medicine; fluoroscopy; lung parenchyma
Journal Title: American Journal of Roentgenology
Volume: 194
Issue: 1
ISSN: 0361-803X
Publisher: American Roentgen Ray Society  
Date Published: 2010-01-01
Start Page: 266
End Page: 269
Language: English
DOI: 10.2214/ajr.09.2858
PUBMED: 20028932
PROVIDER: scopus
PMCID: PMC3676673
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