Current concepts in rehabilitation following breast reconstruction surgery Journal Article

Author: Tuohy, S. M.
Article Title: Current concepts in rehabilitation following breast reconstruction surgery
Abstract: Mastectomies and axillary lymph node dissections are common surgeries in the treatment of breast cancer. Breast reconstruction surgery is a means to restore body image following mastectomy. There are numerous options available to women to create a proportionately sized and esthetically shaped breast postmastectomy. Due to close proximity of the breast tissue and axillary lymph nodes to the glenohumeral joint, shoulder and arm morbidity are often seen after surgery for breast cancer. Physical therapists and occupational therapists play an important role in preventing such morbidities in this patient population. Therapists work closely with surgeons to educate individuals on activity modifications and therapeutic exercises immediately following surgery. The purpose of this article is to present an overview of the reconstructive surgeries and physical rehabilitation interventions offered to individuals with breast cancer.
Keywords: patient education; lymphedema; cancer care facilities; new york; sensation; breast reconstruction -- methods; mastectomy -- rehabilitation; breast neoplasms -- rehabilitation; breast reconstruction -- rehabilitation; therapeutic exercise
Journal Title: Rehabilitation Oncology
Volume: 23
Issue: 2
ISSN: 2168-3808
Publisher: American Physical Therapy Association  
Date Published: 2005-06-01
Start Page: 14
End Page: 17
Language: English
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