Assessing cancer pain in the adult patient Journal Article

Author: Coyle, N.
Article Title: Assessing cancer pain in the adult patient
Abstract: The high prevalence of pain in the cancer population underscores why pain management is integral to comprehensive cancer care. How well pain is controlled can have a profound effect on the cancer experience for both patient and family. The goals of pain assessment are to prevent pain if possible, and to identify pain immediately should it occur. This can be facilitated by standardized screening of all cancer patients for pain, on a routine basis, across care settings. A comprehensive assessment of pain follows if a patient reports pain that is not being adequately managed. Oncology nurses play a huge role in pain assessment and management throughout the course of a patient's disease. A basic understanding of the types of pain seen in the cancer population as well as inferred neurophysiologic pain mechanisms and temporal patterns of pain can help focus the pain assessment. This in turn will lead to targeted pain management strategies.
Keywords: adult; review; neoplasm; nursing; neoplasms; pain; pain measurement; pain assessment
Journal Title: Oncology (Norwalk)
Volume: 20
Issue: 10 Suppl.
ISSN: 0890-9091
Publisher: C M P Medica LLC * The Oncology Group  
Date Published: 2006-09-01
Start Page: 41
End Page: 49
Language: English
PUBMED: 18153978
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: --- - "Suppl. Nurse Edition" - "Cited By (since 1996): 1" - "Export Date: 4 June 2012" - "Source: Scopus"
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