Actinium-225 in targeted Alpha-particle therapeutic applications Journal Article

Authors: Scheinberg, D. A.; McDevitt, M. R.
Article Title: Actinium-225 in targeted Alpha-particle therapeutic applications
Abstract: Alpha particle-emitting isotopes are being investigated in radioimmunotherapeutic applications because of their unparalleled cytotoxicity when targeted to cancer and their relative lack of toxicity towards untargeted normal tissue. Actinium-225 has been developed into potent targeting drug constructs and is in clinical use against acute myelogenous leukemia.The key properties of the alpha particles generated by 225Ac are the following: i) limited range in tissue of a few cell diameters; ii) high linear energy transfer leading to dense radiation damage along each alpha track; iii) a 10 day halflife;and iv) four net alpha particles emitted per decay. Targeting 225Ac-drug constructs have potential in the treatment of cancer. © 2011 Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.
Keywords: unclassified drug; acute granulocytic leukemia; nonhuman; cancer radiotherapy; neoplasm; cytotoxicity; radiation injury; cancer therapy; monoclonal antibody; imaging system; monoclonal antibody j591; drug distribution; dosimetry; cell size; targeted therapy; radioisotope; drug half life; trastuzumab; radioimmunotherapy; bioluminescence; 1,4,7,10 tetraazacyclododecane 1,4,7,10 tetraacetic acid; clinical trial (topic); alpha radiation; liposomal delivery; 225ac; carbon nanotube; actinium 225; linear energy transfer; bismuth 213; carbon nanotubes; chelating agent; nanomaterials; actinium-225; alpha particle-emitter; fullerene derivative; metal ion; metallofullerene
Journal Title: Current Radiopharmaceuticals
Volume: 4
Issue: 4
ISSN: 1874-4710
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers  
Date Published: 2011-10-01
Start Page: 306
End Page: 320
Language: English
PROVIDER: scopus
PUBMED: 22202153
PMCID: PMC5565267
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