Exercise for the patient after breast cancer surgery Journal Article

Author: Wilson, D. J.
Article Title: Exercise for the patient after breast cancer surgery
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To describe how mobilization stretches and exercise decrease shoulder impairments, a complication related to breast cancer surgery, thus improving quality of life. DATA SOURCES: PubMed, Medline, Medline-Ovid. CONCLUSION: Mobilization stretches and exercises after breast surgery are an effective way to improve shoulder range of motion and decrease chest tightness and pain. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: Nurses who provide care to breast cancer patients need to teach and encourage patients to exercise postoperatively to eliminate or minimize the side effects of surgery.
Keywords: breast cancer; exercise; survivors; surgery; complications; anxiety; rehabilitation; women; randomized controlled-trial; physical-activity; lymph-node dissection; delayed; early; exercise benefits; mobilization stretches; weight training; modified radical-mastectomy; shoulder exercises
Journal Title: Seminars in Oncology Nursing
Volume: 33
Issue: 1
ISSN: 0749-2081
Publisher: Elsevier Inc.  
Date Published: 2017-02-01
Start Page: 98
End Page: 105
Language: English
ACCESSION: WOS:000418788800011
DOI: 10.1016/j.soncn.2016.11.010
PUBMED: 28063632
Notes: Article -- Source: Wos
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