Correlation of MYCN amplification, trk-A and CD44 expression with clinical stage in 250 patients with neuroblastoma Conference Paper

Authors: Kramer, K.; Cheung, N. K. V.; Gerald, W. L.; LaQuaglia, M.; Kushner, B. H.; LeClerc, J. M.; LeSauter, L.; Saragovi, H. U.
Title: Correlation of MYCN amplification, trk-A and CD44 expression with clinical stage in 250 patients with neuroblastoma
Conference Title: Advances in Neuroblastoma Research - 1996 (ANR 6)
Abstract: In contrast to MYCN amplification, expression of either trk-A or CD44 in neuroblastoma is a favourable prognostic factor and were therefore investigated in tumours from 250 patients. One hundred and eleven localised/4s (Group 1) and 139 stage 4 (Group 2) tumours were analysed. MYCN copy number was obtained by Southern blotting or PCR amplification and was detected in 28 stage 4 tumours. Trk-A and CD44 expression was detected by immunoperoxidase staining using murine monoclonal antibodies 5C3 and L178, respectively. Expression was scored as positive (homogeneous), mixed (heterogeneous) or non-reactive (negative). Trk-A expression was found in 95% of Group 1 tumours and 49% of Group 2 tumours. CD44 expression was found in 100% of Group 1 tumours, the majority of which had a strong homogeneous expression. Lack of CD44 expression occurred in 25% of tumours, all stage 4 neuroblastoma. Of the 28 MYCN amplified tumours, 27/28 (96%) were trk-A negative, and 13/28 (46%) CD44 negative. We conclude that (1) a significant percentage of stage 4 neuroblastoma express either or both trk-A and CD44, (2) the absence of CD44 expression is highly restricted to stage 4 neuroblastoma and is associated with the lack of trk-A expression, (3) trk-A negativity among CD44-positive tumours is associated with stage 4 neuroblastoma and (4) the absence of trk-A expression is highly correlated with MYCN amplification.
Keywords: child; human tissue; child, preschool; disease-free survival; major clinical study; conference paper; cancer staging; neoplasm staging; polymerase chain reaction; antigen expression; gene amplification; gene expression; neoplasm proteins; membrane proteins; childhood cancer; infant; neuroblastoma; genes, myc; carrier proteins; tyrosine kinase receptor; multivariate analysis; hermes antigen; ganglioneuroma; antigens, cd44; homing receptor; cd44; neurotrophin receptor; receptor, trka; humans; prognosis; human; priority journal; trk-a; lymphocyte homing receptor
Journal Title European Journal of Cancer
Volume: 33
Issue: 12
Conference Dates: 1996 May 22-25
Conference Location: Philadelphia, PA
ISBN: 0959-8049
Publisher: Elsevier Inc.  
Date Published: 1997-10-01
Start Page: 2098
End Page: 2100
Language: English
DOI: 10.1016/s0959-8049(97)00211-6
PUBMED: 9516861
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Conference Paper -- Export Date: 17 March 2017 -- Source: Scopus
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