Long-term follow-up of patients with good-risk germ cell tumors treated with etoposide and cisplatin Journal Article

Authors: Xiao, H.; Mazumdar, M.; Bajorin, D. F.; Sarosdy, M.; Vlamis, V.; Spicer, J.; Ferrara, J.; Bosl, G. J.; Motzer, R. J.
Article Title: Long-term follow-up of patients with good-risk germ cell tumors treated with etoposide and cisplatin
Abstract: Purpose: To assess the durability of response and overall survival far patients with good-risk metastatic germ cell tumors (GCT) treated with four cycles of etoposide and cisplatin (EP). Patients and Methods: Two hundred fourteen patients treated with EP an two consecutive randomized trials for good-risk metastatic GCT were the subject of this retrospective study. The response to therapy, relapse and survival status, and results of salvage therapy are reported. Results: One hundred ninety-five patients (91%) achieved a complete response (CR). This included 182 patients (85%) who achieved a CR to chemotherapy alone and 13 patients (6%) who achieved a CR to chemotherapy plus surgical resection of viable GCT. Seventeen patients (9%) have relapsed from CR. The median time to relapse was 10 months, and the longest duration from treatment to relapse was 36 months in a patient who received three of four planned courses of therapy. Eight patients who either achieved an incomplete response (IR) or relapsed were rendered continuously disease-free by salvage therapy and are alive. One hundred eighty-three patients (86%) are alive at a median fallow-up of 7.6 years. Conclusion: Four cycles of EP constitute effective therapy and can be offered to patients with good-risk GCT. In patients with intermediate and poor-risk GCT, clinical trials remain a priority to identify more effective treatment.
Keywords: adolescent; adult; cancer survival; treatment outcome; disease-free survival; middle aged; survival analysis; retrospective studies; major clinical study; cancer recurrence; salvage therapy; cisplatin; cancer combination chemotherapy; antineoplastic agents; follow-up studies; etoposide; antineoplastic combined chemotherapy protocols; antineoplastic agents, phytogenic; risk; testis tumor; germ cell tumor; seminoma; germinoma; humans; prognosis; human; male; priority journal; article
Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Oncology
Volume: 15
Issue: 7
ISSN: 0732-183X
Publisher: American Society of Clinical Oncology  
Date Published: 1997-07-01
Start Page: 2553
End Page: 2558
Language: English
PUBMED: 9215824
PROVIDER: scopus
DOI: 10.1200/JCO.1997.15.7.2553
Notes: Article -- Export Date: 17 March 2017 -- Source: Scopus
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