Laparoscopic resection of intra-abdominal testicular tumor Journal Article

Authors: Russo, P.; Grimaldi, G.; Conlon, K. C.
Article Title: Laparoscopic resection of intra-abdominal testicular tumor
Abstract: Intra-abdominal testicular neoplasms are difficult to diagnose, with open surgical exploration and excision the traditional mode of therapy. We report a patient with an intra-abdominal seminoma resected laparoscopically. In patients who present without evidence of retroperitoneal adenopathy, laparoscopy can be used for diagnosis, and with minimally invasive surgical techniques, to resect these tumors.
Keywords: adult; human tissue; middle aged; surgical technique; case report; laparoscopy; laparoscopic surgery; computer assisted tomography; abdomen; echography; testicular neoplasms; physical examination; seminoma; beam therapy; abdominal tumor; humans; human; male; priority journal; article
Journal Title: Urology
Volume: 51
Issue: 1
ISSN: 0090-4295
Publisher: Elsevier Science, Inc.  
Date Published: 1998-01-01
Start Page: 122
End Page: 124
Language: English
DOI: 10.1016/s0090-4295(97)00467-6
PUBMED: 9457304
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Article -- Export Date: 12 December 2016 -- Source: Scopus
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