Evaluation of model-based deformation correction in image-guided liver surgery via tracked intraoperative ultrasound Journal Article

Authors: Clements, L. W.; Collins, J. A.; Weis, J. A.; Simpson, A. L.; Adams, L. B.; Jarnagin, W. R.; Miga, M. I.
Article Title: Evaluation of model-based deformation correction in image-guided liver surgery via tracked intraoperative ultrasound
Abstract: Soft-tissue deformation represents a significant error source in current surgical navigation systems used for open hepatic procedures. While numerous algorithms have been proposed to rectify the tissue deformation that is encountered during open liver surgery, clinical validation of the proposed methods has been limited to surface-based metrics, and subsurface validation has largely been performed via phantom experiments. The proposed method involves the analysis of two deformation-correction algorithms for open hepatic image-guided surgery systems via subsurface targets digitized with tracked intraoperative ultrasound (iUS). Intraoperative surface digitizations were acquired via a laser range scanner and an optically tracked stylus for the purposes of computing the physical-to-image space registration and for use in retrospective deformation-correction algorithms. Upon completion of surface digitization, the organ was interrogated with a tracked iUS transducer where the iUS images and corresponding tracked locations were recorded. Mean closest-point distances between the feature contours delineated in the iUS images and corresponding three-dimensional anatomical model generated from preoperative tomograms were computed to quantify the extent to which the deformation-correction algorithms improved registration accuracy. The results for six patients, including eight anatomical targets, indicate that deformation correction can facilitate reduction in target error of ∼52%. © 2016 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).
Keywords: adult; clinical article; aged; middle aged; cancer surgery; accuracy; validation study; algorithm; clinical evaluation; liver resection; bile duct carcinoma; liver lobectomy; error; metastatic colorectal cancer; peroperative echography; image-guided surgery; anatomical concepts; tracked ultrasound; human; male; female; article; anatomic landmark; biomechanical modeling; open liver surgery; anatomic model; surgical navigation system
Journal Title: Journal of Medical Imaging
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
ISSN: 2329-4302
Publisher: SPIE  
Date Published: 2016-01-01
Language: English
DOI: 10.1117/1.jmi.3.1.015003
PROVIDER: scopus
PMCID: PMC4804127
PUBMED: 27081664
Notes: Article -- Export Date: 1 September 2016 -- Source: Scopus
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