Neck radiation, thyroid cancer, and avoiding harm Meeting Abstract

Authors: Barnea, D.; Tonorezos, E. S.; Moskowitz, C. S.; Chou, J. F.; Elkin, E. B.; Sklar, C. A.; Wong, R. J.; Li, D.; Tuttle, R. M.; Korenstein, D.; Wolden, S. L.; Oeffinger, K. C.
Abstract Title: Neck radiation, thyroid cancer, and avoiding harm
Meeting Title: 2016 Cancer Survivorship Symposium
Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Oncology
Volume: 34
Issue: 3 Suppl.
Meeting Dates: 2016 Jan 15-16
Meeting Location: San Francisco, CA
ISSN: 0732-183X
Publisher: American Society of Clinical Oncology  
Date Published: 2016-01-20
Language: English
ACCESSION: WOS:000378109500241
Notes: Meeting Abstract: 249 -- Source: Wos
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