XRT of large intact breasts using mixed energy beams and/or a beam spoiler Conference Paper

Authors: Lief, E.; LoSasso, T.; Hunt, M.; Hong, L.; Amols, H.
Editor: Enderle, J. D.
Title: XRT of large intact breasts using mixed energy beams and/or a beam spoiler
Conference Title: 22nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Abstract: Breasts with separations over 24 cm are often treated with external beam with energies of 10 MV and higher, in order to reduce the magnitude of the hot spots. The disadvantage of the higher energy beams is the reduced dose to superficial breast tissue in the buildup region. We evaluated two methods for avoiding this underdosage: 1) a beam spoiler with 15 MV x-rays and 2) combining 6 MV and 15 MV x-rays. For the beam spoiler, a 1.7cm thick slab of PMMA positioned at 35 cm from isocenter, we measured the dose distribution in the build-up region using film in a polystyrene phantom and an ion chamber in a water tank. For the mixed beam, we calculated the dose distributions in the buildup region for different proportions of 6 MV and 15 MV photons. Both methods are practical for radiation therapy of large intact breasts.
Keywords: breast cancer; radiotherapy; oncology; dosimetry; radiation therapy; tissue; dose distributions; biomaterials; beam spoiler; polymethyl methacrylates; mixed energies
Journal Title IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference. Proceedings
Volume: 4
Conference Dates: 2000 Jul 23-28
Conference Location: Chicago, IL
ISBN: 1094-687X
Publisher: IEEE  
Location: Chicago, IL
Date Published: 2000-01-01
Start Page: 3257
End Page: 3259
Language: English
PROVIDER: scopus
DOI: 10.1109/IEMBS.2000.901661
Notes: Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Proc -- Conference code: 58181 -- Export Date: 18 November 2015 -- CODEN: CEMBA -- 23 July 2000 through 28 July 2000 -- Source: Scopus
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