AJCC cancer staging manual. 7th ed Book Whole

Author: American Joint Committee on Cancer
Editors: Edge, S. B.; Byrd, D. R.; Compton, C. C.; Fritz, A. G.; Greene, F. L.; Trotti, A. 3rd
Contributors: Morrow, M.; Coit, D. G.; O'Reilly, E. M.; Bochner, B. H.; Chi, D.; Shah, J. P.; Lee, N.; Patel, S.; Fong, Y.; Weiser, M.; Rusch, V. W.; Kelsen, D.; Travis, W. D.; Halpern, A. C.; Houghton, A. N.; Nehal, K. S.; Brennan, M. F.; Panicek, D.
Title: AJCC cancer staging manual. 7th ed
ISBN: 978-0-387-88440-0
Publisher: Springer  
Publication Place: New York, NY
Date Published: 2010-01-01
Total Pages: 648
Language: English
PROVIDER: manual
Notes: The AJCC Cancer Staging Manual and Handbook (with staging forms included) are the gold standard to help the cancer patient management team determine the correct stage for patients, allowing for the most appropriate care plan.
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