Therapy-induced tumour secretomes promote resistance and tumour progression Journal Article

Authors: Obenauf, A. C.; Zou, Y. L.; Ji, A. L.; Vanharanta, S.; Shu, W. P.; Shi, H. B.; Kong, X. J.; Bosenberg, M. C.; Wiesner, T.; Rosen, N.; Lo, R. S.; Massague, J.
Article Title: Therapy-induced tumour secretomes promote resistance and tumour progression
Abstract: Drug resistance invariably limits the clinical efficacy of targeted therapy with kinase inhibitors against cancer(1,2). Here we show that targeted therapy with BRAF, ALK or EGFR kinase inhibitors induces a complex network of secreted signals in drug-stressed human and mouse melanoma and human lung adenocarcinoma cells. This therapy-induced secretome stimulates the outgrowth, dissemination and metastasis of drug-resistant cancer cell clones and supports the survival of drug-sensitive cancer cells, contributing to incomplete tumour regression. The tumour-promoting secretome of melanoma cells treated with the kinase inhibitor vemurafenib is driven by down-regulation of the transcription factor FRA1. In situ transcriptome analysis of drug-resistant melanoma cells responding to the regressing tumour microenvironment revealed hyperactivation of several signalling pathways, most prominently the AKT pathway. Dual inhibition of RAF and the PI(3) K/AKT/mTOR intracellular signalling pathways blunted the outgrowth of the drug-resistant cell population in BRAF mutant human melanoma, suggesting this combination therapy as a strategy against tumour relapse. Thus, therapeutic inhibition of oncogenic drivers induces vast secretome changes in drug-sensitive cancer cells, paradoxically establishing a tumour microenvironment that supports the expansion of drug-resistant clones, but is susceptible to combination therapy.
Keywords: melanoma; metastasis; microenvironment; drug-resistance; inhibitors; kinase; cns; acquired-resistance; translational profiling approach; raf inhibitor resistance; cell-types; cancer chemoresistance
Journal Title: Nature
Volume: 520
Issue: 7547
ISSN: 0028-0836
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group  
Date Published: 2015-04-16
Start Page: 368
End Page: 372
Language: English
ACCESSION: WOS:000352974200043
DOI: 10.1038/nature14336
PUBMED: 25807485
PMCID: PMC4507807
Notes: Article -- Source: Wos
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