Dental care access for low-income and immigrant cancer patients in New York City Journal Article

Authors: Howard, J.; Ramirez, J.; Li, Y.; Gany, F.
Article Title: Dental care access for low-income and immigrant cancer patients in New York City
Abstract: This exploratory study assesses the dental care needs and access of low-income, mostly immigrant cancer patients enrolled in New York City's Integrated Cancer Care Action Network (ICCAN). A nested cohort of patients from ICCAN responded to a dental needs assessment that surveyed current dental health as well as access to, and use of, dental services. 373 patients participated. Self-report of having a dentist to visit, current dental problems, income, and insurance most significantly predicted a dentist visit in the past year. Discussing treatment-related oral side effects with the oncologist greatly increased the likelihood of seeing a dentist, but few patients reported having had this conversation. There is a lack of oral care information flowing from oncologists to low income patients. We found a high number of reported dental problems: concerning because of potential treatment interference and risk for infection. Finally, ability to pay largely determined dental care access in our study participants.
Keywords: adult; aged; aged, 80 and over; self report; chi square test; sex factors; new york; data analysis software; adolescence; surveys; regression; descriptive statistics; middle age; hispanics; immigrants; exploratory research; p-value; whites; blacks; data analysis, statistical; human; male; female; cancer patients -- psychosocial factors -- new york; dental care -- evaluation; health services accessibility -- evaluation; poverty -- evaluation
Journal Title: Journal of Community Health
Volume: 40
Issue: 1
ISSN: 0094-5145
Publisher: Springer  
Date Published: 2015-02-01
Start Page: 110
End Page: 115
Language: English
ACCESSION: 2012859236
DOI: 10.1007/s10900-014-9904-0
PUBMED: 24984598
Notes: Accession Number: 2012859236 -- Entry Date: 20150130 -- Revision Date: 20150213 -- Publication Type: journal article; research; tables/charts -- Journal Subset: Biomedical; Editorial Board Reviewed; Expert Peer Reviewed; Peer Reviewed; Public Health; USA -- Special Interest: Dental Care; Oncologic Care; Public Health -- NLM UID: 7600747 -- Source: cin20
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