Preoperative risk factors for post-CABG atrial fibrillation Meeting Abstract

Authors: Amar, D.; Zhang, H.; Hogue, C. W.; Shi, W.; Thaler, H.
Abstract Title: Preoperative risk factors for post-CABG atrial fibrillation
Meeting Title: 2003 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists
Abstract: Background: Risk factors for post-CABG atrial fibrillation (AF) beyond older age are not well defined. Controversy exists as to which preoperative clinical and/or electrocardiographic characteristics distinguish patients who develop AF after cardiac surgery from those who do not. Our goal was to study the predictability of easily available preoperative clinical information. Methods: We retrospectively studied 1056 patients who had standard CABG without concurrent valvular surgery. Continuous telemetry was used to detect AF. Based on an extensive literature review of preoperative risk factors that were independently associated with AF, five were selected: age, male gender, heart rate, P wave duration > 120 ms and PR-interval. The standard preoperative 12-lead ECG was used and data were examined with univariate and multivariate methods. Results: AF occurred in 324/1056 (31%) patients. AF patients were older and had a longer PR-interval (Table). Multivariate analysis showed that older age (P<0.0001) and increasing PR-interval (P=0.04) were indpendently associated with AF risk. The rate of increase in risk with age appeared to decline after age 70, possibly due to patient selection bias. Conclusions: In the current study older age and evidence of prolonged intraatrial conduction were significant risk factors for postoperative AF. These easily obtainable preoperative variables can help risk-stratify CABG patients who may be at the highest risk for postoperative AF and also require more aggressive prevention or treatment strategies..
Keywords: preoperative risk factors
Journal Title: Anesthesiology Abstracts of Scientific Papers Annual Meeting
Issue: 2003
Meeting Dates: 2003 Oct 11-15
Meeting Location: San Francisco, CA
Publisher: American Society of Anesthesiologists  
Date Published: 2003-01-01
Language: English
ACCESSION: BCI:BCI200400010840
PROVIDER: biosis
Notes: Meeting Abstract: A-203-- 2003 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists -- San Francisco, CA, USA -- October 11-15, 2003 -- American Society of Anesthesiologists -- Source: Biosis