Killer Ig-like receptor gene content diversity and haplotype analysis in Chinese Han population in Shanghai Journal Article

Authors: Zhang, L.; Hsu, K. C.; Liu, X. R.; Yang, J. Q.; Yao, F. J.; Xu, L. D.; Dupont, B.; Fan, L. A.
Article Title: Killer Ig-like receptor gene content diversity and haplotype analysis in Chinese Han population in Shanghai
Abstract: Objective: To detect the diversity of killer Ig-like receptor(KIR) gene content and the combination of haplotypes in Chinese Han population in Shanghai area. Methods: DNA samples from 87 randomly unrelated healthy individuals in Shanghai Han population were genotyped with SSP/PCR method. Results: (1) frequencies of KIR genes: All of 18 known KIRs genes, such as 2DL1-5, 2DS1-5, 3DL1-3, 3DS1, KIR1D and the pseudogenes X, Xv and Z(K1R2DP1) were observed in Shanghai Hans. All individuals contain 3DL3, 2DL4, 3DL2 and 3DL1; the most common genes were 2DL3, Z, 2DL1 and X; the following were 2DS4, 1D, 2DL5, 2DS1, 3DS1 and 2DS5; the next were 2DS2, 2DL2, 2DS3 and Xv. (2) Frequencies of KIR gene haplotypes: there were 13 haplotypes detected in 87 Han individuals, among them, the most frequent one was type 2 (haplotypeA-2DS4). (3) Frequencies of KIR genotypes: 18 kinds of the combinations of the haplotypes were observed; the most frequent ones were AJ(2,2), AF (1,2). Also, In this study were identified five new genotypes FZ1 (2,9), FZ2(1,16), FZ3(6,17), FZ4(4, 13) and FZ5(2,6), which had not been observed in Caucasians so far. Conclusion: These findings suggest that there are distinctive frequencies of KIR gene content, haplotype as well as genotype in Chinese Han population in Shanghai area.
Keywords: controlled study; unclassified drug; genetic analysis; genes; genetic variability; genotype; gene frequency; haplotypes; gene product; haplotype; health care; dna; genetic engineering; natural killer cell; dna determination; normal human; caucasian; china; receptors, immunologic; pseudogene; chinese; frequencies; population genetics; variation (genetics); killer immunoglobulin like receptor; genomic diversity; humans; human; article; killer ig-like receptors; polymerase chain reaction/sequence specific primer; gene contents
Journal Title: Chinese Journal of Medical Genetics
Volume: 20
Issue: 5
ISSN: 1003-9406
Publisher: Zhonghua Yixuehui,Chinese Medical Association  
Date Published: 2003-10-01
Start Page: 396
End Page: 399
Language: Chinese
PUBMED: 14556191
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Export Date: 12 September 2014 -- Source: Scopus
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