Liposome fusion assay to monitor intracellular membrane fusion machines Journal Article

Authors: Scott, B. L.; Van Komen, J. S.; Liu, S.; Weber, T.; Mella, T. J.; Mcnew, J. A.
Article Title: Liposome fusion assay to monitor intracellular membrane fusion machines
Keywords: nonhuman; binding affinity; protein function; protein analysis; microscopy, electron; cell compartmentalization; cell function; models, biological; cell growth; protein assembly; fluorescence; membrane proteins; hybrid protein; recombinant fusion proteins; protein synthesis; saccharomyces cerevisiae; membrane protein; protein transport; fluorescence resonance energy transfer; energy transfer; saccharomyces cerevisiae proteins; phosphatidylethanolamine; protein determination; technique; centrifugation, density gradient; liposome; liposomes; phosphatidylcholine; lipid bilayer; regulator protein; golgi complex; membrane vesicle; protein lipid interaction; vesicular transport proteins; intracellular membranes; membrane fusion; snare protein; purification; phosphatidylserine; snare proteins; virus envelope; synapse vesicle; secretory vesicle; intracellular membrane; virus fusion protein; priority journal; article; proteoliposome; proteolipids; virosome
Journal Title: Methods in Enzymology
Volume: 372
ISSN: 0076-6879
Publisher: Academic Press  
Date Published: 2003-01-01
Start Page: 274
End Page: 300
Language: English
DOI: 10.1016/s0076-6879(03)72016-3
PUBMED: 14610819
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Chapter 16 in "Liposomes, Part B" (ISBN: 978-0-12-182275-0) - Export Date: 12 September 2014 -- Source: Scopus
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