Definition of target antigens for naturally occurring CD4 + CD25 + regulatory T cells Journal Article

Authors: Nishikawa, H.; Kato, T.; Tawara, I.; Saito, K.; Ikeda, H.; Kuribayashi, K.; Allen, P. M.; Schreiber, R. D.; Sakaguchi, S.; Old, L. J.; Shiku, H.
Article Title: Definition of target antigens for naturally occurring CD4 + CD25 + regulatory T cells
Abstract: The antigenic targets recognized by naturally occurring CD4 + CD25 + regulatory T cells (T reg cells) have been elusive. We have serologically defined a series of broadly expressed self-antigens derived from chemically induced mouse sarcomas by serological identification of antigens by recombinant expression cloning (SEREX). CD4 + CD25 + T cells from mice immunized with SEREX-defined self-antigens had strong suppressive activity on peptide-specific proliferation of CD4 + CD25 - T cells and CD8 + T cells. The suppressive effect was observed without in vitro T cell stimulation. Foxp3 expression in these CD4 + CD25 + T cells from immunized mice was 5-10 times greater than CD4 + CD25 + T cells derived from naive mice. The suppressive effect required cellular contact and was blocked by anti-glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor family-related gene antibody. In vitro suppressive activity essentially disappeared 8 wk after the last immunization. However, it was regained by in vitro restimulation with cognate self-antigen protein but not with control protein. We propose that SEREX-defined self-antigens such as those used in this study represent self-antigens that elicit naturally occurring CD4 + CD25 + T reg cells. © The Rockefeller University Press.
Keywords: protein expression; dna-binding proteins; nonhuman; cd8 antigen; transcription factor foxp3; cell proliferation; t lymphocyte; forkhead transcription factors; mouse; animals; mice; cells, cultured; sarcoma; gene expression regulation; lymphocyte activation; immune tolerance; rna, messenger; nucleotide sequence; cd4-positive t-lymphocytes; autoantigens; tumor necrosis factor receptor; cd4 antigen; cell stimulation; serology; interleukin 2 receptor alpha; immunization; receptors, interleukin-2; cell contact; glucocorticoid antagonist
Journal Title: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Volume: 201
Issue: 5
ISSN: 0022-1007
Publisher: Rockefeller University Press  
Date Published: 2005-03-07
Start Page: 681
End Page: 686
Language: English
DOI: 10.1084/jem.20041959
PUBMED: 15753203
PROVIDER: scopus
PMCID: PMC2212825
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