Cytokines, cancer and depression: Connecting the dots Journal Article

Authors: Menzies, H.; Chochinov, H. M.; Breitbart, W.
Article Title: Cytokines, cancer and depression: Connecting the dots
Keywords: cancer survival; thalidomide; fatigue; review; hepatitis c; nonhuman; note; pathophysiology; alpha interferon; comparative study; pancreas cancer; sensitivity and specificity; neoplasm; neoplasms; medical decision making; c reactive protein; mouse; metabolism; disease association; interleukin 2; quality of life; interleukin 4; tumor markers, biological; lung cancer; tumor marker; risk assessment; depression; hospitalization; cytokine; cytokines; severity of illness index; immune response; tumor necrosis factor alpha; peer review; nonsteroid antiinflammatory agent; medical research; comorbidity; etanercept; interleukin 6; antidepressant agent; malignant neoplastic disease; medical literature; cachexia; interleukin 17; hepatitis c virus; dopamine; interleukin 15; depressive disorder; noradrenalin; serotonin; interleukin 1; hypothalamus hypophysis adrenal system; progesterone; icosapentaenoic acid; interleukin 6 antibody; neurotransmission; infliximab; interleukin 16; interleukin 11; melatonin; acute phase protein; interleukin 14
Journal Title: The Journal of Supportive Oncology
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
ISSN: 1544-6794
Publisher: BioLink Communications  
Date Published: 2005-01-01
Start Page: 55
End Page: 57
Language: English
PUBMED: 15724946
PROVIDER: scopus
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