Schizophrenia should be renamed to help educate patients and the public Journal Article

Author: Levin, T.
Article Title: Schizophrenia should be renamed to help educate patients and the public
Abstract: Background: A new name for schizophrenia, reflecting a biopsychosocial conceptualization, may have utility in educating patients and the public. If readily translatable, it would be of great value in transcultural psychiatry. It may be clinically beneficial to psychoeducation in evidence-based treatment modalities such as medication management, multifamily group psycho-education and cognitive therapy. Discussion: Neuro-Emotional Integration Disorder (NEID) is proposed as the biopsychosocial candidate term to replace schizophrenia. The following subtypes are proposed: defensive type replacing paranoid, motoric type replacing catatonic, Brief Neuro-Emotional-Integration Breakdown (B-NEIB) replacing brief psychotic episode, NEID-Time Limited replacing schizophreniform disorder. Schizoaffective disorder might be termed NEID-Bipolar type. Anti-psychotic medication would be termed NEI-Enhancing medication. Conclusions: By emphasizing the neuropsychiatric basis of this 'highly treatable brain disorder' through its labeling, stigma may ultimately be reduced. Even if the term NEID is not ultimately adopted, the principles outlined here should be helpful in choosing a replacement term for 'schizophrenia'. Copyright © 2006 Sage Publications (London, Thousand Oaks and New Delhi).
Keywords: disease classification; evidence based medicine; patient education; psychoeducation; patient compliance; neuroleptic agent; cognitive therapy; nomenclature; family therapy; patient attitude; schizophrenia; stigma; schizophrenic psychology; health education; caregivers; psychopharmacology; prejudice; public opinion; terminology; paranoid schizophrenia; psychotic disorders; neuropsychiatry; neuroemotional integration enhancing agent; bipolar type neuroemotional integration disorder; brief neuroemotional integration breakdown; brief psychotic disorder; catatonic schizophrenia; defensive type schizophrenia; drug nomenclature; motoric type schizophrenia; neuroemotional integration disorder; schizoaffective psychosis; schizophreniform disorder; time limited neuroemotional integration disorder
Journal Title: International Journal of Social Psychiatry
Volume: 52
Issue: 4
ISSN: 0020-7640
Publisher: Sage Publications  
Date Published: 2006-07-01
Start Page: 324
End Page: 331
Language: English
DOI: 10.1177/0020764006065144
PUBMED: 17262979
PROVIDER: scopus
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