Chronic opioid therapy in nonmalignant pain Conference Paper

Author: Portenoy, R. K.
Title: Chronic opioid therapy in nonmalignant pain
Conference Title: Relieving Patient Pain in a Regulated Environment... A Medical Dilemma for the 90's
Abstract: This review draws on data obtained in the cancer pain, nonmalignant pain, and addict populations to examine critically the major issues raised by the use of chronic opioid therapy in nonmalignant pain. The available evidence suggests that there is probably a selected subpopulation of patients with chronic nonmalignant pain who may obtain sustained partial analgesia without the development of toxicity or the psychologic and behavioral characteristics of addiction. Future discussions of this approach must adequately define the terminology of addiction and strive to distinguish medical considerations from the societal and regulatory influences that may affect prescribing behavior. Those who treat patients with chronic pain must actively participate in these discussions lest decisions with enormous impact on patient care be made solely by those whose primary responsibility is the elimination of substance abuse.
Keywords: conference paper; methodology; pain; opiate; risk factors; time factors; psychological aspect; pethidine; methadone; analgesics, opioid; opioid-related disorders; social aspect; drug utilization; hydromorphone; analgesia; drug tolerance; pain, intractable; levorphanol; oxycodone; addiction; codeine; pentazocine; dextropropoxyphene; human
Journal Title Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Volume: 5
Issue: 1 Suppl.
Conference Dates: 1989 Oct 26
Conference Location: Phoenix, AZ
ISBN: 0885-3924
Publisher: Elsevier Inc.  
Date Published: 1990-02-01
Start Page: S46
End Page: S62
Language: English
PUBMED: 1969892
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Conference Paper -- Special symposium held as a Pain Update Session at the 8th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society, Phoenix, AZ, October 26-29, 1989 -- Export Date: 27 January 2020 -- Source: Scopus
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