Glucosephosphate isomerase as a CSF marker for leptomeningeal metastasis Journal Article

Authors: Newton, H. B.; Fleisher, M.; Schwartz, M. K.; Malkin, M. G.
Article Title: Glucosephosphate isomerase as a CSF marker for leptomeningeal metastasis
Abstract: Glucosephosphate isomerase (GPI), also known as phosphohexoisomerase, is a glycolytic enzyme whose activity is elevated in serum and CSF of patients with primary and metastatic CNS tumors. To improve the diagnostic accuracy of leptomeningeal metastasis (LM), we measured GPI levels in CSF of 66 patients with CNS or systemic malignancies with suspected LM. We determined GPI kinetically using a coupled enzyme reaction assay. There were 31 males and 35 females, aged 1 to seventy-six. Thirty-one had primary brain tumors, and 35 had systemic cancer with suspected CNS metastasis. We analyzed 95 samples; GPI values ranged from 0.85 to 329.0 U/l (normal, <20 U/l). Compared with positive CSF cytology and myelography, GPI sensitivity was 53.5% and specificity 92.1% for the group as a whole. There was a highly significant association between elevated CSF GPI (>20 U/l) and LM. The results were similar for both primary CNS and systemic malignancies. Although not very sensitive, an elevated CSF GPI strongly suggests LM and may aid in early diagnosis of this serious complication of cancer. © 1991 American Academy of Neurology.
Keywords: adolescent; adult; child; aged; child, preschool; major clinical study; tumor marker; cerebrospinal fluid; infant; meningeal neoplasms; brain metastasis; leukocyte count; false negative reactions; middle age; glucose 6 phosphate isomerase; meningocele; human; male; female; priority journal; article; support, non-u.s. gov't; cerebrospinal fluid proteins; glucose-6-phosphate isomerase
Journal Title: Neurology
Volume: 41
Issue: 3
ISSN: 0028-3878
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins  
Date Published: 1991-03-01
Start Page: 395
End Page: 398
Language: English
PUBMED: 2006007
PROVIDER: scopus
DOI: 10.1212/wnl.41.3.395
Notes: Source: Scopus
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