BRAF in the cross-hairs Journal Article

Authors: Geyer, M. B.; Abdel-Wahab, O.; Tallman, M. S.
Article Title: BRAF in the cross-hairs
Abstract: Introduction: Hairy cell leukemia (HCL) is a rare, chronic B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by distinctive morphologic features and an indolent clinical course. The discovery of a recurrent activating mutation in BRAF (BRAF V600E) as a disease-defining genetic event in HCL has substantial diagnostic and therapeutic implications. Areas covered: Herein the authors review the role of BRAF V600E and RAF-MEK-ERK signaling in the pathogenesis of HCL, anecdotal clinical reports of BRAF inhibitor monotherapy in management of relapsed or refractory HCL, larger phase 2 trials investigating efficacy of BRAF inhibitor therapy for HCL, adverse effects commonly associated with BRAF inhibitor therapy, including cutaneous toxicity, and mechanisms of therapeutic resistance. Expert opinion: Ongoing and planned studies will help to optimize the use of BRAF inhibitor therapy for HCL by determining the efficacy of BRAF inhibition in combination with other antigen targeted or molecularly targeted therapies, and more broadly, to determine how hematologists can best utilize and sequence emerging diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the care of patients with newly diagnosed and relapsed or refractory HCL. © 2019, © 2019 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
Keywords: mitogen activated protein kinase; gene mutation; clinical trial; review; cancer recurrence; drug efficacy; monotherapy; side effect; skin toxicity; melanoma; basal cell carcinoma; skin cancer; hyperkeratosis; arthralgia; rash; alanine aminotransferase; maculopapular rash; targeted therapy; lactate dehydrogenase; hyperbilirubinemia; hand foot syndrome; b raf kinase; photosensitivity; braf; keratoacanthoma; hairy cell leukemia; lymphoproliferative disorders; molecular pathology; b raf kinase inhibitor; molecularly targeted therapy; hypertransaminasemia; vemurafenib; body weight loss; human; priority journal; malignant neoplasm
Journal Title: Expert Review of Hematology
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
ISSN: 1747-4086
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group  
Date Published: 2019-01-01
Start Page: 183
End Page: 193
Language: English
DOI: 10.1080/17474086.2019.1583553
PUBMED: 30782032
PROVIDER: scopus
Notes: Source: Scopus
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