Whitmore, father of urologic oncology and the special fellows Book Whole

Authors: Grabstald, H.; Whitmore, W. F. Jr
Contributors: Wall, B.; Haddad, F.; Mathiesen, W.; Pickett, P.; Prout, G.; Lo, M. C.; Mackenzie, A. R.; Mount, B.; Jones, G. W.; Reid, E.; Ghoneim, M. A.; Kaswick, J.; Grossman, B.; Schellhammer, P.; Spaulding, J. T.; Montie, J.; Smith, J. A.; Macchia, R.; Tawil, G.; Torrey, R.; Sullivan, J.; Fowler, J.; Bracken, B.; Donohue, R.; Thompson, I.; Bander, N.; Whitmore, C.; Whitmore, B.; Marshall, V.; McGovern, J.; Popovic, A.; Robbins, G.; Sonnenberg, M.; Clark, D.; Beattie, E. J.; Dean, A. Jr; Coleman, J.; McCauley, M.; Marks, P.; Brennan, M. F.; Fair, W. R.; Donohue, R.; Whitmore, W.
Title: Whitmore, father of urologic oncology and the special fellows
Alternate Title: A story of Memorial Hospital, the world's first cancer hospital and the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Publisher: Grabstald  
Publication Place: [New York]
Date Published: 1995-01-01
Total Pages: 134
Language: English
PROVIDER: manual
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