The role of functional MRI and PET/CT in evaluation of patients with primary and recurrent ovarian cancer Journal Article

Authors: Sala, E.; Vargas, H. A.; Wassberg, C.; Kyriazi, S.; DeSouza, N.
Article Title: The role of functional MRI and PET/CT in evaluation of patients with primary and recurrent ovarian cancer
Abstract: Ovarian cancer usually presents with widespread peritoneal dissemination. The accurate mapping of the disease determines the likelihood of optimal surgical cytoreduction, which, in turn, predicts patient outcome. Standard CT and MRI frequently fail to accurately map the extent of metastatic disease. Furthermore, pure anatomical imaging uses only size criteria when assessing treatment response overlooking functional tissue alterations that occur before any changes in tumor size or volume. In this review article we describe the added value of functional imaging techniques such as dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, diffusion-weighted MRI and PET combined with CT in the evaluation of patients with primary and recurrent ovarian cancer. The combination of functional and anatomical information provided by these techniques may play an important role in accurate delineation of the disease, thus influencing treatment selection. Similarly, the integrated functional and anatomical approach may provide noninvasive treatment response and predictive biomarkers that are crucial in the era of personalized treatment. © 2011 Future Medicine Ltd.
Keywords: cancer survival; treatment response; primary tumor; overall survival; review; cancer localization; ascites; radiation dose; gadolinium; cancer staging; recurrent cancer; lymph node metastasis; laparoscopy; diagnostic accuracy; sensitivity and specificity; ovarian cancer; protein blood level; ovary cancer; diagnostic imaging; vasculotropin receptor 2; cost effectiveness analysis; contrast enhancement; echography; fluorodeoxyglucose f 18; computer assisted emission tomography; ovary carcinoma; contrast medium; platinum derivative; ca 125 antigen; taxane derivative; premenopause; functional magnetic resonance imaging; diffusion weighted imaging; dynamic contrast-enhanced mri; diffusion coefficient; mri; vasculotropin receptor 1; predictive value; pet/ct; personalized medicine; diffusion-weighted mri; transvaginal echography; contrast; apparent diffusion coefficient; capillary permeability
Journal Title: Imaging in Medicine
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
ISSN: 1755-5191
Publisher: Future Medicine  
Date Published: 2011-06-01
Start Page: 333
End Page: 343
Language: English
DOI: 10.2217/iim.11.21
PROVIDER: scopus
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