Current risk assessment and management paradigms: Snapshots in the life of the pain specialist Journal Article

Authors: Passik, S. D.; Squire, P.
Article Title: Current risk assessment and management paradigms: Snapshots in the life of the pain specialist
Abstract: Opioid analgesics can be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with chronic pain, but issues surrounding their use - including side effects, tolerance, and the potential for misuse and diversion - prompt some clinicians to avoid using these agents, and can lead to the continued undertreatment of pain. This article offers practical advice to clinicians who choose to prescribe opioid analgesics. Through a series of case presentations, it illustrates the steps health care providers can take to prepare their practice for opioid prescribing, assess and select patients for opioid treatment, initiate and manage therapy, and address concerns about aberrant behaviors. © 2009 American Academy of Pain Medicine.
Keywords: review; drug efficacy; drug safety; patient selection; clinical practice; physician's practice patterns; treatment indication; palliative care; medical decision making; pain; opiate; patient assessment; patient monitoring; practice guideline; risk factor; high risk patient; risk assessment; chronic disease; prescription; questionnaire; family history; medical specialist; physician; behavior; interview; chronic pain; medicolegal aspect; opioids; drug abuse; analgesics, opioid; opioid-related disorders; specialties, medical; risk management; professional knowledge; case study; iatrogenic disease; pseudoaddiction; drug prescriptions; guidelines as topic
Journal Title: Pain Medicine
Volume: 10
Issue: SUPPL. 2
ISSN: 1526-2375
Publisher: Oxford University Press  
Date Published: 2009-07-01
Start Page: S101
End Page: S114
Language: English
DOI: 10.1111/j.1526-4637.2009.00670.x
PUBMED: 19691681
PROVIDER: scopus
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