Taxi drivers at risk: Tailoring nutrition and exercise materials Journal Article

Authors: McNeill, E.; Hashemi, A.; Ramirez, J.; Roberts-Eversley, N.; Gany, F.
Article Title: Taxi drivers at risk: Tailoring nutrition and exercise materials
Abstract: Cognitive interviewing was used to refine nutrition and exercise health education materials for use in the New York City taxi driver community. Cognitive interviews were conducted with taxi drivers at garages and community centers across New York City. Interviews were conducted in five rounds with approximately 10 interviews conducted in each round. Modifications were made to the education materials between rounds based on driver feedback. Interviews were transcribed, coded to identify areas needing improvement, and then used to modify materials. Areas that needed adaptation included colloquialisms, literacy level, complex jargon/terminology, vague/confusing phrasing, driver-specific and ethnic-specific preferences, visual aids, and mathematical calculations. These were organized into four key themes: linguistic responsiveness, occupational and cultural adaptation, visuals, and calculations. Cognitive interviewing is a useful method for refining health education materials in the diverse driver population. Cognitive interviewing revealed a need to reduce literacy level, avoid complex terminology, make further occupational and cultural adaptations, use clear visual aids, and avoid the use of complex calculations. Cognitive interviewing is an effective method for refining health education materials for immigrant and low literacy populations.
Keywords: educational status; feedback; new york; linguistics; ethnic groups; culture; human; automobile driving -- manpower -- new york; immigrants -- education -- new york; exercise -- education -- new york; nutrition education -- new york; health education -- new york; teaching materials -- new york; cognition -- evaluation -- new york; health status disparities -- evaluation; risk assessment -- new york; adaptation, occupational; audiovisuals; interviews -- new york
Journal Title: Journal of Community Health
Volume: 44
Issue: 5
ISSN: 0094-5145
Publisher: Springer  
Date Published: 2019-10-01
Start Page: 888
End Page: 895
Language: English
ACCESSION: 138226636
DOI: 10.1007/s10900-019-00618-9
PUBMED: 30706324
Notes: Accession Number: 138226636 -- Entry Date: 20190827 -- Revision Date: 20190828 -- Publication Type: Article -- Journal Subset: Biomedical; Editorial Board Reviewed; Expert Peer Reviewed; Peer Reviewed; Public Health; USA -- NLM UID: 7600747. -- Source: cin20
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